Construction Safety

Construction Safety

In the event of the construction failure of the Hard Rock Cafe in Louisiana, we wanted to add our take on construction safety, safety training, safety equipment and raise awareness on many levels.

Job-site Inspections

Where are the inspections? Are inspections being done on a daily or weekly basis? If so?; what kind of inspections? Safety inspections? Building inspections?

We can only imagine what everyone is feeling out there right now in Louisiana. Our condolences to the families involved.

As a safety consultant involved in various industries; we strive to make sure we go above the standard when it comes to workplace inspections.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas we deal with mock-OSHA inspections of hi-rise buildings and we often think about who inspected the building? What engineering firm is involved? and how involved?

Workplace Safety Vs. The Safety Gap in The Development Phase

Have you ever been told there is a gap or not enough communication between those who are developing the project; architects, engineers, etc? and the actual contractors hired to build the project and their safety team?

Many questions are being brought up now in recent events. How can we prevent construction failures in the future?

To Be Continued...



Construction safety